April 16, 2014

Drama review: Bride of the Century

Note: This is not a family drama. (cover photo are ambiguous right?)

The only drama I've been following for the past few weeks. Now I cant follow some dramas at the same time, hence I should choose which one attracts me the most and the rest with good premise will just ended with me reading the recaps. Bride of the Century wasnt on my list before (noted this) and at first place I dont even know there's this drama. I knew it when reading the recap in the blog I was following and because she said it was good, I tried to watch it and who could have thought it would turned out to be sooooo good. Lee Hongki is the main lead, starred as Choi Kang Joo, the main heir for Taeyang Corp whose family is surrounded by a rumor that the first bride of the first born son would die. He's cold-hearted, building an unseen wall against others thus he didnt have any close friends except for his childhood bestfriend Lee Roo Mi. His love interest is Yang Jin Sung, acted as Na Doo Rim slash Jang Yi Kyung slash the doppleganger. Dont take this wrong, this drama isnt like what you'd have guessed before. Yi Kyung is Kang Joo's fiancee but it was for an arrange marriage since Yi Kyung's parents business is collapsing and they need financial support and Kang Joo's mom needs someone to be sacrificed so that KangJoo can marriy another girl. This is cruel right. And then here comes Doo Rim, who was at that time needed lots of money and she ended up being the doppleganger for Yi Kyung. This is how the story starts. Im sure you'd see similar scenes in other dramas but actually it works here. They really gave me surprises on how good they are in packaging the storyline from the beginning till the end. Im following a forum where people each week are guessing what'll happen next week based on the next episode's preview, but everything turned out wrong. Fanservice is the one that I like the most and from the start of the drama, they've been giving us lots of lovey dovey scenes and even kiss scenes! To be honest I never heard about Yang Jin Sung and this drama is indeed her lucky charm. Not only the main OTP are adorable, but how the story develops in telling us why this happens and that happens is told in a good way and the happiest part is that this drama didnt fall down to what most dramas have done. They still stick with their main storyline with horror, romance, comedy, and fantasy. The one that also surprises me is the whole thing I've been guessing when following the drama turned out to be a dropdead. All the secrets are revealed in the last episode and I see that everybody is satisfied since nothing is left out with an open ending. This is definitely my top recommendation for the March drama period.


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