April 05, 2014

April: month of happiness

Yes April has finally come! Many events happen in this month which Im pretty excited. My bestfriend had her birthday few days ago, and myself in the next few weeks. This block is also a new experience to me: amazingly difficult and amazingly complicated. But Im trying to enjoy it to the fullest though. Currently Im following Bride of the Century, which is surprisingly good. It's underrated at first but now as you can see it has gained much popularity and both leads are super popular now. I've never been addicted to a drama like this before as I keep following the updates in the soompi forum which is ridiculously awesome. I keep refreshing the forum when the drama is airing because people will update really fast and do a live recap. Im having fun doing it like what Im actually doing right now. This drama will end next week and I think I should have make a list for a new one. It'll be Angel Eyes or Hotel King I guess.

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