April 25, 2014

3 years.

Apparently today was my block exam and post-block exam period is always nice yet I feel Im not that prepared for the exam. I always say Im going to be better for the next exam but I end up being the same. This time Im going to make it come true; it's better even though Im changing only a bit lol At the same time today is the anniversary of the account I've become an admin for 3 years. Happy birthday @TVXQ****s! I didnt expected to be chosen at first place back then when they did a recruitment. I wasnt too active now because sometimes too many things to be taken care of. But still Im so happy because it's my passion; my love for TVXQ and kdramas are forever. Im wishing the best for this account and I hope I can stay there until the very last time. Happy birthday!

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