April 21, 2014


First of all happy Kartini Day to every Indonesian woman! Kartini is an Indonesia feminist, who tried to achieve emansipation for woman so that woman can be in the same level as man. Nah my post wont be about Kartini though. I've just celebrated my birthday afew days ago and now Im finally legal! Being 20 means a lot of things to do from now on. I need to set my goal and achieve it one by one, which will make my leisure time get lesser and lesser. One of the thing I have to do is cutting my time to watch korean dramas. I dont know how but deeply inside kdramas have become one of my addiction and it's really difficult to erase it from my mind. It's like my morfin (?) haha but I find it interesting since it makes my life more colorful and I daydream a lot. Moreover I also want to do an exchange hopefully I can get it this year. I hope everything will always be better than it used to be and I can get what I want. Cheers!

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