March 01, 2014

Manse manse

March is here and I've got lots of friends who celebrate their birthday this month. My daily life is still the same, but I enjoy this block a lot. It tells about how adolescence behave and why those things happen. It's also been raining for a whole week and pretty good that all the ashes are swept away. Routinities have been back as they were before, not to mention that this block is going to finish in 2 weeks. I think as time flies, my craving for kpop is not as big as it was before. I dont know if it's just me or what but kpop is just getting worse gradually. I like the old hype and to SMent please bring me the old TVXQ. I only keep updating about dramas and films as Korean's is sooooo good now. Their dramas really improve a lot compared to a few years back. Im still following Emercency Couple now, and trying to catch up with Beyond The Clouds (Full Sun) and next week Yoochun's drama Three Days is premiering!
PS: I just hope mom comes here again to celebrate my birthday together. Fingercrossed xx

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