March 21, 2014

Cycle x Cycle.

This block has been going for a week and I feel it's not as interesting as the previous one. To be honest, sometimes I just bored with the cycle because every 6 weeks we start again with something similar as what we have done. The worst part is I still cant control my habit of watching dramas and reading novels although my addiction to k-pop has far way decreased. My drama list is getting longer from what I've predicted; at first I want to watch Emergency Couple, Three Days, and God's Gift. Suddenly Im hooked into Bride of The Century starring Lee Hong Ki and Yang Jin Sung which is ridiculously good and I add this to my list too. After that, now Im bored of Emergency Couple because it's a few more episodes to the end but why hasnt the OTP gone back together? I just dont want the writer to push everything to the end and make a nonsense ending. Still only Bride of The Century and Three Days are on my list, mostly because Three Days stars Yoochun as the main lead and you know why Im watching it. Going to do a recap after those dramas end. Ciao! xx

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