March 16, 2014

Book review: Amazing Guardian (Ran Orihara) (1 & 2)

At first I thought these books were translated from the Japanese novels but turned out it was locals haha Im being fooled! Nope dont make it wrong I always love local novels and Im one of those hardcore readers. This series contain 2 books and I've been eyeing them since last week before my exam was done. The story tells about Hogosha Gakuen, a high school in Tokyo suburb. There's a legend that has been kept for 17 years and still going on which is called "Guardian". Guardian protects the school quietly but no one knows who they are. They have a website where Hogosha's students can send email of their request and they will make it come true. As long as they are students of Hogosha and they send an email when they're at school, the email will be considered to be fulfilled. So there are these guys: Asa, Naito, Kaze, and Izumi who are students' council members and they're considered as the highest hierarchy besides the headmaster. In the morning they are just students but at night they're the Guardian. I find this book so cool by the way the writer describes the characters. I have never met books like these where the stories are purely told in a very Japanese way. The cover is drawn like a comic one which is also another plus point for me: comic-like novel. I love it when they called Asa as Princess Asa when she is at school but nobody actually knows in fact she's a super bad-tempered girl since she always acts elegantly in front of others. Naito is also my favorite: he is cool and charismatic and Asa's childhood friend. I can sense something is going on between Asa and Naito but too bad Asa is not sensitive HAHA this book is my recommended one for March and I hope you'll love this one like I do. Adios!

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