February 09, 2014


It's been a week of school and yes Im still in the mood of holiday. That's why Im really active in doing reviews this week. Maybe another reason is because our faculty is the first one to start the academic activity while others might start in the next 2 weeks. Currently Im not really into kdramas; the only one Im following now is Emergency Couple. At first, Im not that attracted to this series but as it goes on, it's just entertaining. Ji Hyo and Jin Hyuk are just perfect together. Tbh, actually this is still in the CNY mood, but I cant feel the euphoria here in Jogja. Everything is just flat as though nothing happens. It freaks me for a while. Medanese is celebrating che 7 with praying and playing fireworks and here Im sleeping. Pathetic huh? I just hope next year I can stay longer in my hometown to celebrate CNY; not like this year where I only got to celebrate 3 days. Period.

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