February 11, 2014

Movie review: Montage (몽타주)


I should say Im TOO active in writing reviews these 2 weeks. ignore this I've just finished watching a korean film Montage, which is ridiculously good. This is a 2013 film and I've been searching for it for a long time. The genre is thriller and stars Uhm Jung Hwa as a mother whose daughter, Seo Jin, was kidnapped 15 years ago and died while the suspect is still around. Kim Sang Kyung stars as Detective Oh who was signed for this case and it'll reach the statue of limitation (SOL) in a few days. 5 days before the SOL, somebody put a flower in the crime scene where no one knew this place except the mother, detective, and police. Detective Oh try as fast as possible to search for the suspect using the evidence that's left. At last it reached the SOL and I thought it has ended but the story actually starts here. A few days later a similar case happens where a child was kidnapped while being left alone in the playground by her grandpa. The kidnapping style is reconstructed of what have happened 15 years ago and this time, the investigation team decides to search for Detective Oh since all the information in the secret room has been burnt. At the same time, mother is also searching for the suspect by her own using the evidence they found a few days before reaching the SOL. In the beginning of the movie, we're served with a scene in a highway where the mother is inside the car with her head being wrapped with a plastic bag and the next scene is the detective having an accident in not far from her car. I was confused with this at first but as it flows, you'll finally connect to the what happened in the first scene. I enjoy this movie from the beginning till end and the satisfying ending is indeed a plus point for me. I was thrilled all the time, especially for the twist in the middle of the story which I didnt predict it at all. Uhm Jung Hwa is way too good in performing as a mother who has suffered for 15 years because of her daughter's death and her kidnapper is still not being caught. I've watched her movies before where mostly she starred in romance movies. This is my first time watching Kim Sang Kyung's acting and he's freaking good. Montage didnt disappoint me where sometimes korean movies had a great storyline but the ending ruined everything.

Score: 8/10

A kidnapper disappeared 15 years ago without a trace. Five days before the case's statute of limitations expires, someone anonymously leaves a flower at the crime scene. A few days later, another kidnapping takes place using the same method on a similar target. Three people team up to solve the case before it's too late: the grandfather (Song Young-chang), who lost his granddaughter right in front of him, the mother (Uhm Jung-hwa), who has been searching for the person who abducted her daughter 15 years ago, and the detective with a guilty conscience (Kim Sang-kyung), who puts everything into this long-unsolved case. (wiki)