February 21, 2014

Current updates.

This block is more relaxing than my previous block. After the ashes falling last Friday, finally today it's raining again. It feels like everything going back to like it used to be. Right before the catastrophe happened, it rained heavily everyday that I even got annoyed. After that happened, I kept praying for it to rain heavily but not even a single drop of rain fell down. Just hoping that the ashes are being swept by the rain so that everything's going to be clean again. This Sunday Im going to do some society contribution things with my organisation and Im so excited because last year I didnt get the chance to join since it happened to be on the same day of another activity in another organisation. For the Buddy Club, I still havent met up with my buddy yet. I also met another buddy from China and this makes me really happy. it's like you know you're the minority of mandarin-speaking Chinese and I meet someone who can speak chinese too yeay! Current addictive drama is Emergency Couple by Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk and the songs are Hikari e by Miwa and Koisuru no Fortune Cookies by AKB48. Have a nice day peeps!

This is the live accoustic version. The original version is the OST for dorama "Rich Man Poor Woman" theme song. Highly recommended!

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