February 07, 2014

Book review: Restart (Nina Ardianti)

This book has made me going back and forth a few times to bookstore because: first, I want to buy it because the cover is so attractive and second, I've never read this author's book before so it's not a guarantee that great cover makes great story too. At last I make a gamble because the book's price is in my range and yes, I dont regret. It starts with Syiana as the main lead, a banker with everything in her life is scheduled. She thinks her life is great because when something doesnt go according to her plan, she hates it. We also find out that her boyfriend for 3 years, Yudha, cheats on her when she thought that she would spend the rest of her life with him. Then comes our hero, Fedrian/Ian, Dejavu's band member slash the rising star of the year slash Indonesia's 50 most eligible bachelor. He just came right on time when she's heartbroken. I think this is a very ordinary romance story but I find it good and the author writes it perfectly. The way Ian approaches her for the first time, does sweet things for her, always by her side when she needs, his sarcasm way of talking and I-dont-care reaction are what I love the most. The most memorable part for me is when Syiana met Ian for the first time in HK but at that time Ian's friend puked at her shoes and when Ian came to help him, he thought she was the one who brought him to the bar. She got mad and threw beer in her glass to his face, not knowing that he's the hot guy on demand now. Through fate they met again and when Syiana's workplace decided to use Dejavu as their brand ambassador, she just knew them. It continues as Ian suddenly added her bbm pin and asked her for lunch, and the story goes on. He is indeed fast forward. When usually most male characters will be charming and sweet, he is different. I did love sweet and charming guys but sometimes something out of the box can make different point of view. The cover itself has been a plus point for me, especially for the red color, and another thing I like is that the characters are connected from one novel to another. I just knew that Syiana's bestfriend, Edyta, was the main character in Nina's previous novel, Fly To The Sky. This is really my style as my first one is AliaZalea's series and second is Ilana Tan's series. The conflict at the end was too little and easy to solve whereas usually others made it more intense before the leads can finally get together. We also almost didnt find any antagonist character. Anyway Restart can be your reference if you are a fan of romance story. 4 starts for this one^^

"Semua orang pernah patah hati. All you have to do is move on."

Aku selalu mengira tak akan bisa hidup tanpa cintanya. Aku lupa, semua luka perlahan-lahan akan sembuh juga. Biarkan saja waktu yang menjadi obatnya.

Saat itu akan tiba, ketika aku benar-benar menerima kenyataan bahwa kini tak ada lagi 'kita'. Sekarang hanya aku, minus dirinya. Dia pergi terlalu lama dan aku terlalu bodoh terus-terusan memikirkan dirinya. Aku bisa hidup tanpa kenangan dan senyumannya. Kalau sebelum mengenal dia saja aku bisa bahagia, apa bedanya bahagia setelah tanpa dirinya?

Aku pasti akan jatuh cinta lagi. Suatu hari nanti... dan dengan yang lebih baik dari dirinya.

"Semua orang pernah patah hati. All you have to do is move on." - Restart

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