February 17, 2014

Ashes yes.

As you might have know, Mount Kelud erupted a few days ago which was exactly on Valentine's Day and the ashes flew here even though the mount's location is in East Java. They said it may because of the wind's direction that's why in East java itself the ashes were not these much but it came here. Jogja became a dead town for the whole day and it was worse. I didnt know it'll be like this because when I woke up it's dark and I thought it was going to rain. People resumed the activities on Friday since the ashes keep falling for a few hours in the morning. It's still worse these 2 days because there's no rain at all where usually everyday it's raining heavily. Thanks God it's raining yesterday although for only about 30 minutes but at least the ashes have mixed with the rainpour. I just hope these days we get a heavy rain so that the ashes can be swept away.

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