January 16, 2014

Book review: Soulmate.com (Jessica Huwae)

I bought this book because of the recommendation of a fanbase in twitter. Tbh, I dont hate it but this is not my cup of tea. The story is just too flat and predictable that I dont feel any sparks in it. It tells about a woman called Nadya Samuella, an executive editor in a famous magazine. She's dumped by her boyfriend because he needs to marry another girl. Quite active as a blogger, she soon finds a guy named Oka, a Balinese, who often comments on her posts. They start to chat together through social networking and more intense through messages and phone calls. When Oka came to Jakarta because of work, they met up and talked like there's no tomorrow. I think this is the point where they start to fall for each other. Not long after that, Nadya visits Bali and this is where all of these start. They become a couple. She is happy with Oka beside her and feels that the whole world is siding at her. The nightmare starts when a news comes out that Oka is married. The worst part is she agreed to be his second woman although she was previously against any kind of affair. Then half of the story involves about their affair and how Nadya was unstable in deciding every matters in it. I was pretty pissed off, since it's too dramatic and it's just nonsense that she wanted to be a second woman in other people's marriage life. I mean like she has everything: beautiful, attractive, stable career, bestfriends, and how on earth she becomes that desperate?!! This book has been a bestseller, published in 2006 and the one I read is the 7th press released. This one is absolutely not the type of story I will read for the second time. Besides, she writes a lot of poems and tells the story using a chatting type not narration. One of the reasons why I also dont really like the story. But every people have their own preference right?

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