January 26, 2014


Holiday has always been a good one for me. I think this time I'd spent my time efficiently and not like before wasting time carelessly. Chinese New year is just a week left which means my holiday is also only a week more. It's almost the end of January, and I can remember pretty well when I spent the New Year's Eve last time welcoming 2014. Currently not in the mood of blogging, I feel my blog has been abandoned for almost 2 weeks. Semester 4 is coming in a blink of eye and Im not ready actually. Please give me more holiday!!!

January 16, 2014

Book review: Soulmate.com (Jessica Huwae)

I bought this book because of the recommendation of a fanbase in twitter. Tbh, I dont hate it but this is not my cup of tea. The story is just too flat and predictable that I dont feel any sparks in it. It tells about a woman called Nadya Samuella, an executive editor in a famous magazine. She's dumped by her boyfriend because he needs to marry another girl. Quite active as a blogger, she soon finds a guy named Oka, a Balinese, who often comments on her posts. They start to chat together through social networking and more intense through messages and phone calls. When Oka came to Jakarta because of work, they met up and talked like there's no tomorrow. I think this is the point where they start to fall for each other. Not long after that, Nadya visits Bali and this is where all of these start. They become a couple. She is happy with Oka beside her and feels that the whole world is siding at her. The nightmare starts when a news comes out that Oka is married. The worst part is she agreed to be his second woman although she was previously against any kind of affair. Then half of the story involves about their affair and how Nadya was unstable in deciding every matters in it. I was pretty pissed off, since it's too dramatic and it's just nonsense that she wanted to be a second woman in other people's marriage life. I mean like she has everything: beautiful, attractive, stable career, bestfriends, and how on earth she becomes that desperate?!! This book has been a bestseller, published in 2006 and the one I read is the 7th press released. This one is absolutely not the type of story I will read for the second time. Besides, she writes a lot of poems and tells the story using a chatting type not narration. One of the reasons why I also dont really like the story. But every people have their own preference right?

January 15, 2014

Variety show review: The Return of Superman

The second variety show I consistently follow up after Running Man. At first I only wanted to watch haru and tablo but ended up watching the whole episode. The show portrays about the relationship of father and children where there are 4 couples in the show. The fathers are celebrities who might not know how to take care of the children well because of their business. Tablo of Epik High, Choo Seung Hoon the judoka, Jang Hyeon Seong the actor, and Lee Hwi Jae the comedian take up the challenge of not having their wives for 48 hours and have the responsibility of taking care of their children. The reason why I love this show is because you can see how they try to get close and understand more about their children and the children's act are just so cute. Lee Haru (Tablo's daughter) is my favorite one since she's just 4 year old but she is s mature. I cant stop laughing when she likes her mom first and fish then his father. Tablo did try hard to have her attention and he succeeded. Lee Hwi Jae is having a hard time in the beginning because he take care of the twins (Lee Seo Eon and Lee Seo Jun) but he starts to enjoy it along with the show. Choo Seung Hoon who lives in Japan teaches his daughter (Choo Sarang) Korean because his wife is also a Japanese so Sarang is more familiar with japanese. Sarang is also very cute; she keeps eating and talks in japanese. She likes Mickey Mouse very much and it's just funny to find out that Choo Seung Hoon didnt know the difference between Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. Jang Hyeon Seong's sons are the oldest of all with Jang Jun Woo (11 yo) and Jang Jun Seo (7 yo). Jun Woo is very clever and mature, but he didnt know about failure. He was disappointed when he got a 97 score in exam and Hyeon Seong try to explain to him that it's okay not to get the one we want and everybody will experience failure while Jun Seo is still doing things whatever he wants since he's just 7. I really hook into this show because of the charm of those couples and highly recommend this one! ^^
PS: you can watch the full episode with sub in KBS World TV youtube channel HERE

January 03, 2014

Viva holiday!

Omg like finally it's holiday!!! After celebrating Christmas and New Year with papers and notes, Im free today! Im not that satisfied with my result but it's okay that Im really grateful. Having some free time, I plan to watch You From Another Star since I've missed so many new dramas. New Year means new spirit right? Im in the mood of blogging lately even though it's so random. Although Im not really following kpop news now, Im still surprised to find out on the first day of new year that Yoona and Lee Seung Gi are dating! Not that I like Yoona that much, but Lee Seung Gi is one of my favorite actor. He doesnt has that really handsome or charming face, but he has that luck that not everybody has and almost all the things he did were always good. Dramas, CFs, reality shows, etc are success with the guarantee of him. For Yoona, she's not one of my favorite actress or singer, but I should say she's indeed beautiful. I dont know if they suit each other but well Im happy for the news. And today another dating news is out from another SNSD member Soo Young. After a few times being rumored with Jung Kyung Ho since last year, both agencies finally confirmed that they're dating. Rumor said they'd dated for a year but rep didnt say anything about it. There's many dating new since last year and celebs are starting to go public with their relationship. It's a good thing but sometimes it's pathetic when fans are giving negative responses to their relationship. Well I mean they're also human who have their own private life right? Nevertheless, hoping for more good news happen in this year yeay!