December 29, 2013

Yes? No?

Officially 2 days more to 2014. Never though that time would fly so fast. I think this is just the same thing I said last year when 2013 was approaching if I read my blog post again. Always be grateful for everything that has happened in my life, I still have some regret, to be honest. But I try not to regret too much and turn everything into a positive energy, to me and my surrounding. I got a lot of new experience this year: being a project officer for SCOPE ALOHA 2013, coordinator PDD for Musyawarah Anggota 2 2013 Kamadhis UGM, and the last one was of course being selected as a buddy for UGM Buddy Club. Maybe it's not really a big achievement if it's compared to what others had done, but Im pretty satisfied of myself because I consider I was active this year besides only doing my academic things. Being a buddy is the one I dont predict because I applied when it's almost the deadline since I just knew it THAT time. After the document selection, they did an interview where I thought I was trying my best but after it was finished, I kept thinking "Why did you answer it like this? Why not that? Why dont you tell more?". Honestly I really want to be selected but we should always prepare for the worst right? So that's why Im super happy when it's announced that I was one of the buddy that being selected for February-May period. That's only a bit story of it. These few days Im in the mood of writing, where actually I've to study since exam is coming this Friday. People say it was hard, but we should always believe in ourselves and be positive thinking, yes no? Fighting!

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