December 15, 2013

The last 2 weeks of the year.

Yes it definitely is. I've been lazying around these 3 days, not even doing a bit of my reports which have to be submitted this Thursday. This also means in 3 weeks more I'll be going back home! Actually Im pretty happy today since BWF Superseries Finals has just ended and Ahsan/Hendra came out as the champion in the MD sector. Cant be any happier again :") Being paired for less than a year, they had won Maybank Malaysia Open, Djarum Indonesia Super Series Premier, Li-Ning Singapore Open, Yonex Japan open, BWF World Championship, and now BWF SuperSeries Finals. Im no doubt with Hendra's skills since he's an Olympic gold medalist and had won lots of tournaments with Markis Kido before, but Ahsan is just amazing. He was paired with Bona Septano previously but didnt show any improvement. I mean they had never won any major tournament, not even Superseries. I thought maybe Ahsan has not found his ideal partner but pairing with Hendra now makes his skills actually came out. Im happy that Indonesia still has the most powerful Mens Doubles. Once again congrats Ahsan/Hendra!

their winning expression. Congrats!

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