December 22, 2013

Start counting down, huh?

This also means final exam is coming soon because it comes right 2 days after New Year. Pathetic isnt it? But Im okay with it since holiday comes faster and I can go back soon! Today there's also another great news which I have wait for a few days and it really made my day. These days I also have been watching a chinese drama called Best Time starring Janine Chang and Wallace Chung. At first I was excited because of the casts, but as Im watching each episode it's just getting annoying and I dont even get whether which actor is the main lead since they dont make it obvious. I hate this kind of thing. Now Im watching the last episode and even they still dont give any clue about how the ending will be. That means this week I've been watching 2 dramas with a not satisfying ending. Hah!

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