December 01, 2013

Drama review: The Hippocratic Crush (On Call 36小時)

The first hk drama I watched. I can say that this is the best medical drama with a realistic feeling. Im having a hard time at first understanding the words even though there's sub because I used to watch korean dramas where I mostly understood what they were talking about. But as it flows, I find out it is entertaining and I can learn new language. The Hippocratic Crush was a major favorite drama in 2012 and won almost all awards. It starred Kenneth Ma as Cheung Yat-Kin, a neurosurgery specialist trainee, and Tavia Yeung as Fan Tze-Yu, once a neurosurgery trainee turned into a cardiothoracic surgery trainee. The drama tells about Yat-Kin, a last year trainee, being really strict to his junior housemen as he is really focus for his patients' health. Tze-Yu is a new trainee in this hospital but she's in her third year already. She has known Yat-Kin before since he was her father's student and her father is really proud of him. She hates him because she thinks Yat-Kin is a bootlicker as he is always kind to her father. Turns out he's doing that becauseTze Yu's father who was a famous neurosurgeon had saved Yat-kin's younger brother Yat-Hong from dying even though now he's paralysed and had to used wheelchair for his whole life. This also motivates Yat-Kin to be a neurosurgeon. The junior housemen were having important roles since they had their own stories here. In this drama, they tell about different departments in medicine not only neurosurgery but also cardiothoracic surgery, orthopaedics, anaestesiology, etc. Why I feel this drama is really realistic is because they not only focus on the love story as some other med dramas would do but also portray about the medical aspect in the departments so well that I dont feel like they're just talking nonsense. TVB is airing the second season since the beginning of november but you should watch the first one. After finished watching it, I understand why The Hippocratic Crush won a lot of awards last year.
 PS: You can watch this drama at Wiki synopsis contains spoiler.

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