December 24, 2013

Drama review: 最美的时光 (Best Time)

This is probably one of the worst dramas I've ever watched. Not that the leads aren't good at portraying their characters, the storyline and the ending are absolutely absurd. I have a high expectation towards this drama since it starred Jannine Chang and Wallace Chung but it just nonsense. The story tells about a woman named Su Man (Janine Chang) who had a 10-year-crush to Alex/Song Yi (Jia Nai Liang) and at first she met Lu Li Cheng (Wallace Chung) with a very bad first impression. When she knew Alex has come back from US, she searched everything about his details and even moved to his company although she's had a steady carreer in her workplace. Coincidentally Lu Li Cheng is her superior and Alex is his rival. It continues as Su Man tries to get closer to Alex but he doesnt even remember who she is. Li Cheng also gets closer to Su Man but she doesnt care about him since her focus is always Alex. In the middle of the story, she and Alex dated but something then came up which broke their relationship. The ending is the most annoying one to me and Im not surprise because since ep 10++ I think the story has lost its main plot. At first I thought it's just okay she wanted to pursue her love but then as it flows, it starts to be annoying and Su Man looks like an obsessive girl. When she starts to date Alex, I get confuse even more because I think the main actor is Lu Li Cheng since in the poster it's Su Man and Lu Li Cheng not Su Man and Alex. This absurdity hasn't ended. Hoping they'll break up in the middle because this is just the sidestory, they are still in an unclear state where I cant guess whether they has broken up. The worst part is that even until the very last episode I still cant guess who she'll end up with. This is why I decided Best Time is in my most worst drama lists. Actually Im disappointed since I prefer an obvious plot where you know this will end up with who or how the ending will be or maybe even if we cant guess the ending, it's clear enough for me to understand and be satisfied. It'll be far way better if they let us know it's a happy ending or sad ending. Enough said.
PS: you can watch it HERE they uploaded the complete episodes but there's only mandarin subtitles or maybe you can watch it in

Written by TongHua the same author with Startling By Each Step, this is her first novel happened in modern time.The stories of four young people are interweaved with their best-kept secrets. Su Mann, a white collar, backbone, elite but ‘leftover’, screwed up every arranged blind date until she met her prince charming--Song Yi--since her high school days. To pursue her love, Su Mann followed Song Yi to join the MG Company with a fake resume fabricated by her best girlfriend. (viki)

dont you think they suit each other well?

this is the one I hate the most.

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