November 16, 2013

The same thing over and over again.

As usual, Im still having my post-drama-wrap-up syndrome. Still searching everything about aaron and puff during filming and hoping them to announce that they're dating really soon. On 13 November, many celebs went public with their relationship. One of my OTP, yang mi and hawick lau, announced that they'd registered their marriage in january next year. Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi finally admitted they're dating after they're captured in Liu's apartment. In Just You wrap up party, aaron and puff kissed in front of the crowd after being persuaded by everybody. I cant believe it at first when reading the news since it's just weird for main leads to kiss outside filming! But im happy because they did it which means maybe there's a chance for them to date. Please just date for real! I SHIP BOTH OF YOU <333

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