November 18, 2013

Sometimes it's just boring.

Yeah, i do feel that sometimes I feel bored with my routinities. My university life mostly contains study-exam-organisation-friends-eat-sleep-watch movies-exercise. Im an easily bored person and I know it. I want to do something new but it's just being blocked by money and permission. Exam is coming in this friday and after finished, it means I'll be facing my last block for the 3rd semester. Never realised that I've been here for almost 1.5years and I still feel homesick as I did in the first semester. To be honest, my fondness toward this city hasnt grew at all. I like the environment here because it's really a good place to study but not with the food, locals, etc although I find a few people are really good to me. I find too many differences and kinda difficult to adapt. Hope that I graduate soon and go back to my hometown as fast as possible. Thinking of joining an exchange program, I just realise that the chance for med studs are sooooo small because of the lack of opportunity. Mostly exchange program needs students from other faculties and I kinda pissed off. Well, I still believe that I can get a chance and hope it'll come true. Fingercross for this block's final exam and counting 7 weeks to home! xx

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