November 04, 2013


These days I dont feel like writing about anything and I even forgot to write a drama recap which was supposed to be posted last month. September and October have been really nice to me. I met my badminton idols in September although some of them didnt join the tournament and had a short holiday with family in October. I also went to watch Jay Chou's concert at the same month and did a small reunion with my classmates. The second year of my university is okay so far and I start to enjoy what Im learning now. Homesick is still my very first problem although it's not as worse as it was in my first year. Without I realised it's already been November and Im going back in 2 months. Last saturday, an incoming from Switzerland has come and we talked a lot. I really like it when there are people from other countries come because we can talk and ask about their countries' differences with Indonesia's. I always excited about it and thought it was weird. I've been quite random lately and I just doing things randomly. Life's been sooo good ^^

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