November 10, 2013

Drama review: 就是要你愛上我 (Just You)

Finally back for a drama review after soooo long! Im not really into kdrama recently and the one which Im stiil following is Secret although I didnt watch it completely. Im currently favoring taiwanese dramas. At first I watched In Time With You starring Ariel Lin and Chen Bo Lin and I should say that one is really sweet but too bad I didnt have time to review it. This one Just You is the first tdrama I follow during its airing and it's definitely my cup of tea. It stars Aaron Yan and Puff Guo and I just love both of them. The story is like almost typical tdramas but it's the chemistry between them and the casts that makes it so special. It's even favorite and topped the rating chart. The story tells about Chen Liang Liang (Puff Guo) who lives in a house and one day Qi Yi (Aaron Yan) comes saying that he had bought the house and wanted Liang Liang to move out. She insists to live in because she has paid the rent for 6 months and she still has 3 months left. Qi Yi is also happened to be her new boss in the office who is superrrrr perfectionist and he makes a policy that there should be no dating in his working place. Because of this, Liang Liang's bestfriend should break up with her boyfriend and this makes Liang Liang decided that she wanted to make the boss fell in love with her. It flows as how they live together and why Qi Yi makes such policy in his office. When both of them appear on screen, I can scream loudly feeling the chemistry and how romantic they are. There's rumor saying they're dating because they are sooooooooo close. Aaron really has improved a lot and I can say that he has the best acting skill out of all Fahrenheit members. I love everything in this drama because it's just perfect. This drama has just wrapped up last friday and I was pretty sad realising about it. You can watch it on or youtube channel 就是要你愛上我 since they upload the complete episodes. If you like sweet and romantic drama, I really recommend this one and Just You is definitely topped my drama list for this year. <3

Qi Yi (Aaron Yan) is a fastidious young man who is afraid of germs and needs to have everything in his life in his own orderly fashion. After he gives up a successful opportunity in New York, he returns to Taiwan and decides to buy a small marketing design company called GAZE and a historic home that catches his eye. The problem is that the home has a peppy tenant, Cheng Liang Liang (Puff Guo), who refuses to move out. When he arrives at his new company, the new CEO discovers that Liang Liang also works for his company. The happy-go-lucky Liang Liang just wants everything to be stable in her life, but she realizes that may be harder to maintain when her new boss starts making big changes in her workplace, including a notice stating that office romances will be prohibited. (viki)

There's 3 OSTs that I recommended from this drama:
1. Alien Huang & Genie Zhuo - 心愛的
2. Aaron Yan - 擋不住的太陽
3. Alien Huang - Point One Percent

this one outside filming
their chemistry omgomgomg

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