November 26, 2013

6 weeks to go, play hard work hard!

Today is the start of the new block which means I can count down 6 weeks to go home! I know Im THAT excited as home and family are always the one I miss the most. Had been warned that this block is surely a hectic and difficult one, I try to change my study habit a bit. I dont think I can change 180 degree directly. This time we cant even celebrate new year since the exam comes the day after new year. I think it's okay because it's going to be paid off with the holiday. But still I cant change my habit of watching drama *cry* Currently watching hongkong dramas "The Hippocratic Crush" telling about the life of medical students and situation in the hospital. This one is the medical drama that hooked me up the most because I feel it's really real. The main leads are doing a great job in portraying the characters and they got high rating as well. Im going to review it as soon as I finish watching. Ciao!

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