October 11, 2013

Short holiday is always nice!

Just now my first block of the 2nd is officially case closed. Block exam is always hard, and I particularly hated the feeling right before I was going to have the exam. But luckily everything has passed and Im in a short holiday yeayyyy! I've finished watching Master Sun and thought of recapping it soon and this was one of my favorite drama this year. Im not following Good Doctor anymore since ep 11 because I felt it's just plain and the romance even doesnt work. They are too focus with those medical terms so the portion of the genre is not equal anymore. Currently Im watching dorama Kaseifu no Mita, the Japanese version of Suspicious Housekeeper because korean is adapting it now. I should say the Korean version was just soso compared to the Japanese one. As for now I might follow Medical Top Team and Secret. Heirs is too overrated with the super duper popular casts but maybe I'll watch it later. Happy short holiday readers!

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