October 14, 2013

Beyond my expectation.

Hi! I really had a good holiday this time. I spent these few days in jakarta: met up with old friends and watched Jay Chou World Tour. It's beyond my expectation! Jay probably is my most favorite Chinese singer and he really did give us an amazing performance. I watched it with my cousins and friends and thought it really worth to pay that amount of price although mine was a lot cheaper than my cousins' one. He used lots of effect like what the Opus album concept was. I screamed like crazy though I didnt know what title of the song he was singing. it was just superb that I wish I can back to the time before the concert start! *hallucinate* I also met up with my pals whom I've never met since I entered the uni because we always had different time of holiday. We had a lot of funny stories on that day: we drove to the same place for a few times and went to a place which was supposed to arrive in 15minutes but we arrived in 2 hours. I still can laugh out loud if I remembered that day because of our silliness. Of course we had a super great day: teased at each other with sarcasm and laughed crazily like nobody cares. I really had a good time~^^

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