September 26, 2013

Super satisfied!

Im super extra happy today! I went to watch INA GPG 2013 today, while at first I've decided to watch it tomorrow but then I saw today's draw and the night one is pretty entertaining. I and few Kamadhisers met there and we commented about the match as well. I and my junior, particularly, kept shouting here and there for no aim just to support our favorites. She knew almost everything about the athletes and Im happy to find someone who shared the same interest with me. We went to the gate to wait for the athletes to enter their buses and pretty lucky to meet Gideon while we're on our way to buy drinks! Quickly beg him to take a photo with us and after that we met quite a lot athletes but too bad the popular ones are difficult to have pictured with them together. Anyway, I still find today is one of my most favorite day as my dream to meet Liliyana Natsir in person came true! She stood in less than 1m in front of me !! *freak out* Although I failed to take a photo together with her, it was amazing by just remembering that she stood in front of me!

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