September 05, 2013

Morfogenesis 2013: KLISE.

FINALLY! That's the best word to portray everything I had done for these weeks. This week has been one of the toughest because we have new student orientation in the middle of our hectic practical sessions and lectures. It might be a mistake because other faculties are still having holiday and has no problem with it. When I knew we would start our 2nd year and at the same time doing this event, I know it will be super hectic. Our medical student orientation was called "MORFOGENESIS" and I was in the publication, decoration, and documentation (PDD) team. I decided to apply to be a commitee of this event because it was the biggest event of the year in the medical faculty and I just wanted to have a new experience since there were also many of my batch's friends applied. We have passed the tough weeks where we had simulation and etc for a whole day and my energy was all absorbed. The orientation itself was held for 2 days, yesterday and today. I have to be there on 4.50 and the worst part is in these 2 days, I got A LOT of practical sessions which drove me crazy as we got home at 8PM. But Im so lucky to have a good team leader as he never gave us pressure and we knew what we had to do. I should say sometimes I regret joining this event because of its tiredness but at the same time it was fun and I got a lot of things to learn. You should sometimes join this kind of big event, dont you? :D

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