September 25, 2013

Missed the free ticket!

INA GPG is being held in Yogyakarta starting from 24-29 September 2013. Fyi, this is a badminton international tournament but in a lower level than INA PSS. I have set my schedule to be free in this weekend because I want to watch the semifinal and final but the ticket price is just wooooow for a student like me. In this case, I missed the free ticket that was given yesterday on the spot. I've read about the announcement before but I thought we must join a quiz or some kind like that. Turned out we only have to followed a account (sensored here) and tadaaa you will got a free ticket. Pretty disappointed yesterday because I knew about that in the evening and I was lazy to go out at night. Im still confuse whether I should watch the quarter final since I may meet Liliyana Natsir that time. Fingercrossed I will be there on the semifinal and final! xx

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