September 29, 2013

Final day = almost collapse day.

Finally everything has over today. It's the final of INA GPG 2013 and I've had lots of new experience in these 4 days. I screamed almost everytime my favorite made a score, ran into athletes whenever I saw them, and spoke in all languages I knew in order to talk to them. I still felt I was okay yesterday but after the final has finished, I felt like Im going to collapse. Maybe because I was doing my favorite things these few days that I didnt feel I was tired overall. The final was great but I should say that I love the R3 and QF the most. I met lots of athletes during QF and took photos with them. The matches in QF were more interesting too perhaps because their rival was from other countries hence I can get the feeling more. Only a few athletes came today since lots of them have lost in previous matches but China still came in full squad to support their teammates. Indonesian shuttlers were quite hard to request to take photos with them especially the super duper popular one. *no offense* For today, most people were trying to take photos with Chinese shuttlers because they're handsome/pretty and their skin were so white. I was a bit pissed off if I remembered what the audience had done to them yesterday. I managed to take photo with the popular Chinese male shuttlers in the audience! He has been the target of most women haha I love all the Chinese shuttlers: they're so kind and friendly. Congrats for all the winners today!

Jia Yi Fan (her defense and Huang Dong Ping's were just awesome!)

Li Jun Hui kyakyaaaaaa !!

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