September 28, 2013

Another dreams come true.

Yesterday is just another superb day! I watched live again at GOR Amongrogo for the quarter final and too bad Ahsan/Hendra lose. The audience was pretty shock maybe because of their high expectation and they kept quiet for quite a while. I myself thought it was normal since they were undefeatable for the past few tournaments. People should sometimes fall down to feel the pain so they wont be selfish right? The matches were good and we managed to take a lot of photos with the athletes! Tontowi, Gideon, Angga, Rian, Chinese and Thai players, etc. I was surprised that Gideon was really kind. I thought he remembered us since last two days we were the one to take photos with him yet we still wanted it again yesterday. He must have thought that I and my friend were two crazy fans haha! SInce today is the semifinal, fighting to all Indonesian players and my favorite Chinese player Huang Dong Ping!
 PS: Just ignore my same pose in all photos.

Huang Dong Ping

Gideon !!!


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