September 29, 2013

Final day = almost collapse day.

Finally everything has over today. It's the final of INA GPG 2013 and I've had lots of new experience in these 4 days. I screamed almost everytime my favorite made a score, ran into athletes whenever I saw them, and spoke in all languages I knew in order to talk to them. I still felt I was okay yesterday but after the final has finished, I felt like Im going to collapse. Maybe because I was doing my favorite things these few days that I didnt feel I was tired overall. The final was great but I should say that I love the R3 and QF the most. I met lots of athletes during QF and took photos with them. The matches in QF were more interesting too perhaps because their rival was from other countries hence I can get the feeling more. Only a few athletes came today since lots of them have lost in previous matches but China still came in full squad to support their teammates. Indonesian shuttlers were quite hard to request to take photos with them especially the super duper popular one. *no offense* For today, most people were trying to take photos with Chinese shuttlers because they're handsome/pretty and their skin were so white. I was a bit pissed off if I remembered what the audience had done to them yesterday. I managed to take photo with the popular Chinese male shuttlers in the audience! He has been the target of most women haha I love all the Chinese shuttlers: they're so kind and friendly. Congrats for all the winners today!

Jia Yi Fan (her defense and Huang Dong Ping's were just awesome!)

Li Jun Hui kyakyaaaaaa !!

September 28, 2013

Another dreams come true.

Yesterday is just another superb day! I watched live again at GOR Amongrogo for the quarter final and too bad Ahsan/Hendra lose. The audience was pretty shock maybe because of their high expectation and they kept quiet for quite a while. I myself thought it was normal since they were undefeatable for the past few tournaments. People should sometimes fall down to feel the pain so they wont be selfish right? The matches were good and we managed to take a lot of photos with the athletes! Tontowi, Gideon, Angga, Rian, Chinese and Thai players, etc. I was surprised that Gideon was really kind. I thought he remembered us since last two days we were the one to take photos with him yet we still wanted it again yesterday. He must have thought that I and my friend were two crazy fans haha! SInce today is the semifinal, fighting to all Indonesian players and my favorite Chinese player Huang Dong Ping!
 PS: Just ignore my same pose in all photos.

Huang Dong Ping

Gideon !!!


September 26, 2013

Super satisfied!

Im super extra happy today! I went to watch INA GPG 2013 today, while at first I've decided to watch it tomorrow but then I saw today's draw and the night one is pretty entertaining. I and few Kamadhisers met there and we commented about the match as well. I and my junior, particularly, kept shouting here and there for no aim just to support our favorites. She knew almost everything about the athletes and Im happy to find someone who shared the same interest with me. We went to the gate to wait for the athletes to enter their buses and pretty lucky to meet Gideon while we're on our way to buy drinks! Quickly beg him to take a photo with us and after that we met quite a lot athletes but too bad the popular ones are difficult to have pictured with them together. Anyway, I still find today is one of my most favorite day as my dream to meet Liliyana Natsir in person came true! She stood in less than 1m in front of me !! *freak out* Although I failed to take a photo together with her, it was amazing by just remembering that she stood in front of me!

September 25, 2013

Missed the free ticket!

INA GPG is being held in Yogyakarta starting from 24-29 September 2013. Fyi, this is a badminton international tournament but in a lower level than INA PSS. I have set my schedule to be free in this weekend because I want to watch the semifinal and final but the ticket price is just wooooow for a student like me. In this case, I missed the free ticket that was given yesterday on the spot. I've read about the announcement before but I thought we must join a quiz or some kind like that. Turned out we only have to followed a account (sensored here) and tadaaa you will got a free ticket. Pretty disappointed yesterday because I knew about that in the evening and I was lazy to go out at night. Im still confuse whether I should watch the quarter final since I may meet Liliyana Natsir that time. Fingercrossed I will be there on the semifinal and final! xx

September 17, 2013


Tomorrow is indeed a good day with almost perfect schedule! I only got a skills lab and it's at 1pm. Finally after 3 hectic weeks full of labs, exams, and lectures I got a day where I can still lazying around. Next week is INA GPG 2013 in Jogja! I cant be patient anymore to wait for next week as I plan to watch the semifinal and final^^ Too bad China didnt send any of their top players neither do Korea. Pretty disappointed at first but because Indonesia's top players will be coming why should I think about it? My main focus is to get Liliyana Natsir's signature and take a photo with her. Wish me luck!

September 09, 2013

Start struggling.

It's been a week for the new block and this morning I attended my first lecture after absenting for last week lecture due to the event. Im pretty excited for the topic since this block we're learning about embriology and pregnancy. It's just amazing to learn about the whole process but I still find myself struggling to enjoy the 2nd year. It seems like so different from last year where I had my leisure time quite a lot. On the first day of study I had got practical sessions and it continued for eveyday till now. We will also face tentamen this friday. Im in the process of "let it flow" and bless me for everything in this 2nd year! xx

September 05, 2013

Morfogenesis 2013: KLISE.

FINALLY! That's the best word to portray everything I had done for these weeks. This week has been one of the toughest because we have new student orientation in the middle of our hectic practical sessions and lectures. It might be a mistake because other faculties are still having holiday and has no problem with it. When I knew we would start our 2nd year and at the same time doing this event, I know it will be super hectic. Our medical student orientation was called "MORFOGENESIS" and I was in the publication, decoration, and documentation (PDD) team. I decided to apply to be a commitee of this event because it was the biggest event of the year in the medical faculty and I just wanted to have a new experience since there were also many of my batch's friends applied. We have passed the tough weeks where we had simulation and etc for a whole day and my energy was all absorbed. The orientation itself was held for 2 days, yesterday and today. I have to be there on 4.50 and the worst part is in these 2 days, I got A LOT of practical sessions which drove me crazy as we got home at 8PM. But Im so lucky to have a good team leader as he never gave us pressure and we knew what we had to do. I should say sometimes I regret joining this event because of its tiredness but at the same time it was fun and I got a lot of things to learn. You should sometimes join this kind of big event, dont you? :D