July 11, 2013


Almost forget to post about this. Last week I and my friends accompanied our incomings from France, Anne and Clemence. We went to Ullen Sentalu (again) because I guessed foreigners would like the things associated with history that much. I myself always excited whenever I went there and because this has been my 3rd time, my excitement was decrease a bit. They even taught us a few French sentences for basic conversation and I liked it very much. Paris has been the city I adored since I were a child and I hope I can go there someday. That day was ended pretty fast because we only spent the day at the museum and then had our lunch at Raminten. Im quite disappointed last time not having spent much time with Kath and Tarasince we only met once, so I want this time I can at least meet them again for the second time. Im always excited to meet new people from the other countries and the other cultures :3

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