June 20, 2013

Week of assignment!

Indeed! Since monday till today, my day was full with assignment. After last week's report was submitted last monday, I got a presentation to do for applying as a LEO candidate. Then I've a critical appraisal for jurnal which I didnt understand even a bit and the teacher said it should be submitted within a week which was last wednesday. I felt so hectic because my journal had just been accepted on monday and I got to do it in 2 days while I have an upcoming presentation on tuesday? Hell yeah !! The next day I just knew that wednesday was the deadline to submit the journal not the appraisal but our instructor insisted he wanted it to be submitted on friday! I still have a home visit schedule this week and a health centre group report. It was so tiring that I needed to sleep at 11pm 4 days in a row. I hate this situation.

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