June 23, 2013


Suddenly feeling blue tonight. I just finished watching a korean film 'Mom' and I think I made a wrong choice. I feel familiar with the story then I remembered I ever watched it with the same storyline in one of local channel hah. Finally I knew the reason why I enjoyed the movie last time, probably because they copied other's idea. Pretty disappointed. Anyway I dont care. This movie tells about a small family with a dad, a mom, and a daughter. The daughter is embarrassed of her mother's condition but her mother always feel proud of her. The story develops more in the relationship between the mom and daughter. Later on there's a moment she finally understands her mom, and loves her that much. A not expected thing happened, this will make you cried a lot as you know how korean dramas or movies usually work. Im not crying because of the story but because suddenly I think about my family. This has always been my number one problem: HOMESICK. Im still confuse with my own choice, why I choose this way.Maybe because I've been living in a very comfort zone then I want to try something new and this is it. I dont know I should regret or grateful but I pretty much hoping one day Medan would be beside Jogja so that I can go home as often as I want. Still a month more to go home and looks like I've to cut my holiday a bit because I was selected as a member of this year medical faculty orientation. Tee-hee.

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