June 14, 2013

Pretty hectic.

Indeed this is my most hectic week for the 2nd semester. No practical sessions, but we need to do visit to private doctors, health centre, home visit, and hospital. We got reports to be submitted as well. I also applied to be a CIMSA official. We should make a CV + motlet + join fit and proper test + interview + presentation. I dont have any experience in this kind of thing. You know I never join any organisation before I entered university. I kinda confuse with myself as well. I planned to go to gym for this month, because my resolution to be thin has been failed for a thousand times since I arrived at Jogja and I need to fulfil it before I go back so that I can eat a lot then haha I've applied as a member of my faculty orientation for new students this year 'PPSMB FK UGM 2013'. I hope I pass the selection because I want to know how it feels like. Wish me luck for everything to be succeeded. AJA AJA FIGHTING!
PS: I need to do a drama review as soon as possible. Last time I watched a few dramas but I forgot to review it. Currently Im watching Shark and I Hear You Voice^^

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