June 04, 2013

Happy Yoochun Day!

it's another Yoochun Day again! I celebrate it every year, but this year I was so careless that I forgot about it -___- It is my yearly agenda and this is probably my fifth time. Should be nice if I reminiscing how the first time I liked him is. I never ever had a bias group or whatever it is. I just like random people whose songs I liked at the moment. Come across TVXQ, they were the one and only group I liked. I knew them since 2007 and at first my bias wasnt Yoochun. I ever liked Jaejoong and Yunho but it's only for a while. Still remember that Yoochun's super bass and sexy voice are the one which make me liked him till today. Even after TVXQ was separated into JYJ and Homin, I never said they were disbanded or something similar to that, rather used "they didnt have the same vision". I always consider TVXQ as Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong, Changmin, and Yunho. This often make me confuse when newbie cassies or stan said TVXQ when they referred to homin. Dont you think it is ridiculous? TVXQ was five since the very first time. Well, anyway I just hope in this birthday, Yoochun will always be happy and healthy and TVXQ can reunite again. Even though they reunite like 10 years again, I'll still be waiting. Happy Yoochun Day everybody!

the super duper famous chunface

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