June 10, 2013

Another bad, another good.

Yeah I cant say it's a good news or bad news. This afternoon I attended the briefing for OSCE year 1. Fyi, it's a practical exam for all the skill sessions we've learnt during the year. At first it was scheduled on 19-31august. We only got a session and it was according to our student number. I've bought my ticket back on 18 july right after I finished my cbt that afternoon and everybody at the auditorium today was super shock when it was announced that the exam would be moved a month forward. Can you imagine it's just a week after cbt?! Most were panicked here and there, probably because they also had bought the ticket back to their hometown. My university is famous for its students' diversity, from Sabang till Merauke. No doubt everybody panicked because of that. It's good because after exam I'll be having a full month holiday, it's bad because I'll be damn crazy for the preparation. Ganbatte ne!

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