June 30, 2013

[NEED] A holiday.

YES. Almost every faculty has finished their last exam and they've got their holiday. Damn it! I must be very very patient to have wait till a month more before I can have my long holiday which dont seem to be that long. Exam is coming in the next 2 weeks and OSCE follows within a week. Lots of reports to be done in this block and it doesnt look like what it seems t be without any practical session: it was even busier than before with the whole reports. Anyway, 4 incomings from IFMSA is coming this week and yes I will join the social program again! Im super excited of having new friends again from other countries because it has been my interest in learning new cultures. Happy holiday to everybody and AJA AJA FIGHTING!

last week's field trip to public health care

June 23, 2013


Suddenly feeling blue tonight. I just finished watching a korean film 'Mom' and I think I made a wrong choice. I feel familiar with the story then I remembered I ever watched it with the same storyline in one of local channel hah. Finally I knew the reason why I enjoyed the movie last time, probably because they copied other's idea. Pretty disappointed. Anyway I dont care. This movie tells about a small family with a dad, a mom, and a daughter. The daughter is embarrassed of her mother's condition but her mother always feel proud of her. The story develops more in the relationship between the mom and daughter. Later on there's a moment she finally understands her mom, and loves her that much. A not expected thing happened, this will make you cried a lot as you know how korean dramas or movies usually work. Im not crying because of the story but because suddenly I think about my family. This has always been my number one problem: HOMESICK. Im still confuse with my own choice, why I choose this way.Maybe because I've been living in a very comfort zone then I want to try something new and this is it. I dont know I should regret or grateful but I pretty much hoping one day Medan would be beside Jogja so that I can go home as often as I want. Still a month more to go home and looks like I've to cut my holiday a bit because I was selected as a member of this year medical faculty orientation. Tee-hee.

June 20, 2013

Week of assignment!

Indeed! Since monday till today, my day was full with assignment. After last week's report was submitted last monday, I got a presentation to do for applying as a LEO candidate. Then I've a critical appraisal for jurnal which I didnt understand even a bit and the teacher said it should be submitted within a week which was last wednesday. I felt so hectic because my journal had just been accepted on monday and I got to do it in 2 days while I have an upcoming presentation on tuesday? Hell yeah !! The next day I just knew that wednesday was the deadline to submit the journal not the appraisal but our instructor insisted he wanted it to be submitted on friday! I still have a home visit schedule this week and a health centre group report. It was so tiring that I needed to sleep at 11pm 4 days in a row. I hate this situation.

June 16, 2013


It's finally Sunday! Got a lot of things to do today. Yesterday Kamadhis UGM held Waisak celebration at auditorium faculty of biology. As usual, I was a part of the documentation team (again). I was surprised to see many people came and even Kamadhis members I've never seen before. The celebration was nice in my opinion, we dont only feel the point of Vesakh celebration but also get to see the performers for other viharas. Never thought there were a lot of Kamadhis members who could play instruments! All of them were so cool and the singers too <3

han-piano, ko alvian-guitar, choo-er hu. They are super cool!

han-ko alvian-choo-me

some of Kamadhis 2012ers

June 14, 2013

Pretty hectic.

Indeed this is my most hectic week for the 2nd semester. No practical sessions, but we need to do visit to private doctors, health centre, home visit, and hospital. We got reports to be submitted as well. I also applied to be a CIMSA official. We should make a CV + motlet + join fit and proper test + interview + presentation. I dont have any experience in this kind of thing. You know I never join any organisation before I entered university. I kinda confuse with myself as well. I planned to go to gym for this month, because my resolution to be thin has been failed for a thousand times since I arrived at Jogja and I need to fulfil it before I go back so that I can eat a lot then haha I've applied as a member of my faculty orientation for new students this year 'PPSMB FK UGM 2013'. I hope I pass the selection because I want to know how it feels like. Wish me luck for everything to be succeeded. AJA AJA FIGHTING!
PS: I need to do a drama review as soon as possible. Last time I watched a few dramas but I forgot to review it. Currently Im watching Shark and I Hear You Voice^^

June 10, 2013

Another bad, another good.

Yeah I cant say it's a good news or bad news. This afternoon I attended the briefing for OSCE year 1. Fyi, it's a practical exam for all the skill sessions we've learnt during the year. At first it was scheduled on 19-31august. We only got a session and it was according to our student number. I've bought my ticket back on 18 july right after I finished my cbt that afternoon and everybody at the auditorium today was super shock when it was announced that the exam would be moved a month forward. Can you imagine it's just a week after cbt?! Most were panicked here and there, probably because they also had bought the ticket back to their hometown. My university is famous for its students' diversity, from Sabang till Merauke. No doubt everybody panicked because of that. It's good because after exam I'll be having a full month holiday, it's bad because I'll be damn crazy for the preparation. Ganbatte ne!

June 04, 2013

Happy Yoochun Day!

it's another Yoochun Day again! I celebrate it every year, but this year I was so careless that I forgot about it -___- It is my yearly agenda and this is probably my fifth time. Should be nice if I reminiscing how the first time I liked him is. I never ever had a bias group or whatever it is. I just like random people whose songs I liked at the moment. Come across TVXQ, they were the one and only group I liked. I knew them since 2007 and at first my bias wasnt Yoochun. I ever liked Jaejoong and Yunho but it's only for a while. Still remember that Yoochun's super bass and sexy voice are the one which make me liked him till today. Even after TVXQ was separated into JYJ and Homin, I never said they were disbanded or something similar to that, rather used "they didnt have the same vision". I always consider TVXQ as Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong, Changmin, and Yunho. This often make me confuse when newbie cassies or stan said TVXQ when they referred to homin. Dont you think it is ridiculous? TVXQ was five since the very first time. Well, anyway I just hope in this birthday, Yoochun will always be happy and healthy and TVXQ can reunite again. Even though they reunite like 10 years again, I'll still be waiting. Happy Yoochun Day everybody!

the super duper famous chunface