May 31, 2013

Welcoming June.

Time indeed flied really fast. I still remember the first I arrived at Jogja, not knowing what to do or any place to eat or shop. Just now I opened my past block books and pretty shocked that those blocks have passed few months ago and yesterday I just ended my fifth block. One block left for me to end my first year of medschool and still got 4 and a half years to graduate. Few days ago the result for SNMPTN has out and I reminiscing on how I didnt put my hope that much in this case, and turned out I didnt disappointed with the result. This year has been really good although I should say my exam mark wasnt excellent or superb but I survive and enjoy my days as a medical student. When people say med stud will study everyday and befriends with thick books, I live my life to the fullest (yes just considered me as one of the laziest one here). It's just according to what you want to do, some people study everyday and others study when they want to and play at the other time. Im glad my result isnt bad through this year and I promised to improve more. But still, I have to sleep at 10pm and need a 6-8 hours sleep. Even my friends are calling me a baby haha. Good luck to those who will take SBMPTN! Your hardwork will surely be paid off^^

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