May 26, 2013

Moms hip hip!

Hello! Mom is in town for a few days this time which made me really happy. If you live far away from family, you'll probably understand how this feeling is. We planned to celebrate Vesakha Day at Borobudur, the main celebration place in the world. Lots of people come from either local or international. We went to Magelang at 6am and the celebration started at Candi Mendut continued to Candi Borobudur as the final celebration place. I was amazed at first because I never joined this kind of religious event and pretty surprise to meet lots of religious people. I just knew Buddhism got 9 different sekte although we all practice Buddhism. Previously, I thought we only got 3 different sekte. But yesterday was totally worth, although I didnt managed to join till the end because it was tiring, I got to see how the celebration was and added new knowledge about my own religion. You should go there someday. Adios!

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