May 05, 2013

5 on 5.

The title actually means nothing. It's been May and I dont feel like it's almost a year since I stayed here. So many things have changed. I still havent found someone who is really close to me like my friends in my hometown. Back there, I have my family and cousins to chat together. I miss them a lot you know. Im in the mid of block 1.5 and it means countdown to go home in 2 months yeay! A few days ago I looked at photos inside my harddisk and was shocked about my look before I went to jogja. To be honest I was never grateful about my skin color especially my face, but now I did regret that much. Not to boast, I feel my face was really white that it looked like snow(?) lol Now im trying really hard to get my skin color back and of course my weight -______- forever weight problem.
nb: this WAS how I looked a few months ago.

And I really miss high school.

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