May 15, 2013

2 weeks moreee to the end!

Oh please this block will end in 2 weeks time and I hope I do well this time. I dont even think of meeting this block's material again, it is difficult as almost hell. Im pretty sad that everybody will be going back home right after I finish this block while I have to wait for 2 months more to go back home. To worsen the news, I just found out that someone from my highschool got an exchange program to korea. It really made me want to cry T-T Live in Korea has always been one of my dream and I also plan to join an exchange program but looks like it's not supported by my faculty's studying program. Should I just join medical exchange? But I feel I want to learn about the language and culture, not something related to medicine. I absolutely dont want to do something with extending my study (A BIG NO OF COURSE) I want to graduate as soon as possible. Should I go to korea and live there for a year? I really want to fulfil this dream because my other dream watch TVXQ concert live with full members is somekind difficult to achieve. Actually this is really not connected to the title but who cares, I write whatever I want.

alone and bored.

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