May 31, 2013

Welcoming June.

Time indeed flied really fast. I still remember the first I arrived at Jogja, not knowing what to do or any place to eat or shop. Just now I opened my past block books and pretty shocked that those blocks have passed few months ago and yesterday I just ended my fifth block. One block left for me to end my first year of medschool and still got 4 and a half years to graduate. Few days ago the result for SNMPTN has out and I reminiscing on how I didnt put my hope that much in this case, and turned out I didnt disappointed with the result. This year has been really good although I should say my exam mark wasnt excellent or superb but I survive and enjoy my days as a medical student. When people say med stud will study everyday and befriends with thick books, I live my life to the fullest (yes just considered me as one of the laziest one here). It's just according to what you want to do, some people study everyday and others study when they want to and play at the other time. Im glad my result isnt bad through this year and I promised to improve more. But still, I have to sleep at 10pm and need a 6-8 hours sleep. Even my friends are calling me a baby haha. Good luck to those who will take SBMPTN! Your hardwork will surely be paid off^^

May 30, 2013


YES DAMN IT! I just finished my block exam this afternoon and after struggling for a day and more without internet, finally they repaired it today and I can even open youtube and blogger! So damn happy that I blog and open youtube directly haha these two websites have been my main happiness besides social networking (of course). I could say I feel satisfied with my exam result because I didnt have maximal preparation like what my friends did and I though it's quite fair. You know I always cant study when my mom is in town because I would took her for walk and went around the town. One of my happiest moment. Finally a few days of holiday! New block is coming next monday and after I finish it, medan im coming! <3

May 26, 2013

Moms hip hip!

Hello! Mom is in town for a few days this time which made me really happy. If you live far away from family, you'll probably understand how this feeling is. We planned to celebrate Vesakha Day at Borobudur, the main celebration place in the world. Lots of people come from either local or international. We went to Magelang at 6am and the celebration started at Candi Mendut continued to Candi Borobudur as the final celebration place. I was amazed at first because I never joined this kind of religious event and pretty surprise to meet lots of religious people. I just knew Buddhism got 9 different sekte although we all practice Buddhism. Previously, I thought we only got 3 different sekte. But yesterday was totally worth, although I didnt managed to join till the end because it was tiring, I got to see how the celebration was and added new knowledge about my own religion. You should go there someday. Adios!

May 17, 2013


Im absolutely excited for upcoming thursday because mom will be in town :£ yes mom comes often in this semester and of course it makes me super duper happy. Vesak Day is on 25 may (if Im not mistaken) and mom and I planned to go to Candi Borobudur. Not sure it will go well as planned because we never experienced this kind of things before, besides I think there'll be very crowded for sure. I really need holiday as soon as possible because my friends will be starting their holiday pretty soon and I still have to wait for almost 3 months! Oh yes, I've set up my mind for something I've always wanted. Please pray that I can achieve this dream. FIGHTING EVERYBODY!

May 15, 2013

2 weeks moreee to the end!

Oh please this block will end in 2 weeks time and I hope I do well this time. I dont even think of meeting this block's material again, it is difficult as almost hell. Im pretty sad that everybody will be going back home right after I finish this block while I have to wait for 2 months more to go back home. To worsen the news, I just found out that someone from my highschool got an exchange program to korea. It really made me want to cry T-T Live in Korea has always been one of my dream and I also plan to join an exchange program but looks like it's not supported by my faculty's studying program. Should I just join medical exchange? But I feel I want to learn about the language and culture, not something related to medicine. I absolutely dont want to do something with extending my study (A BIG NO OF COURSE) I want to graduate as soon as possible. Should I go to korea and live there for a year? I really want to fulfil this dream because my other dream watch TVXQ concert live with full members is somekind difficult to achieve. Actually this is really not connected to the title but who cares, I write whatever I want.

alone and bored.

May 12, 2013

Happy Parents' Day!

Yes today is probably Mother's Day but I feel actually everyday is Parents' Day. I never appreciate those days as much as I do now, after I went far away from my family. I've been so sensitive and emotional lately, feel lonely or cry when I remember my parents or siblings. Im pretty much enjoying my university life but still, I havent improved much about my friends circle here. I still prefer everything in Medan. Cant wait for July for me to going back home! Dont wait any single moment to say you love your parents, do it everytime you have that chance. Happy Parents' Day to every parents! You know you are awesome daddy and mommy <3 class="separator" data-blogger-escaped-div="" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">

May 05, 2013

5 on 5.

The title actually means nothing. It's been May and I dont feel like it's almost a year since I stayed here. So many things have changed. I still havent found someone who is really close to me like my friends in my hometown. Back there, I have my family and cousins to chat together. I miss them a lot you know. Im in the mid of block 1.5 and it means countdown to go home in 2 months yeay! A few days ago I looked at photos inside my harddisk and was shocked about my look before I went to jogja. To be honest I was never grateful about my skin color especially my face, but now I did regret that much. Not to boast, I feel my face was really white that it looked like snow(?) lol Now im trying really hard to get my skin color back and of course my weight -______- forever weight problem.
nb: this WAS how I looked a few months ago.

And I really miss high school.