April 27, 2013

Annoyed that much...

Im sorry I didnt update my blog that often, not because I didnt have the time but my boarding house internet connection has pissed me off these few months. In the past it used to have a SUPER fast speed, I didnt need to buffer if I wanted to watch youtube videos and the download speed can reach 500kb/s. I enjoyed that so much but after I came back from my holiday, these things started to act like feses. Even when it was connected, the speed was damn slow and now the worst part is it cant open google, youtube, and blogger which is part of my daily life. I like to write, not to gain more followers but because I love to write. I've tell the keeper's of the house but they seemed didnt care that much. I need internet that much that I feel like living in a cave when the connection is off. I WANT THE INTERNET FAST SPEED TO BE BACK SOON OKAY

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