April 22, 2013

19 on 19.

Happy birthday to me! Yes I celebrated it a few days ago and so happy that my mom and sis came here to celebrate it with me so im not feeling alone :3 We went to everywhere my little sister wants and talked like there's no tomorrow. My family knows me the best, indeed. Actually I want to post the birthday post on my birthday but the connection in my boarding house is sucks now and it cant even opened google, blogger, and youtube. We went to eat ayam geprek bu rum since we're a fan of super spicy food and my mom said it didnt taste that spicy and I thought so too. I got a long weekend and I could spend my time with my mom and sis. They've gone back to medan today and I feel lonely again. I like to talk a lot, and I dont think I've found a great accompanion to talk about everything like I did to my family and my friends in medan. Well, I've been here for almost a year and still felt homesick almost everyyytime. But this year's birthday celebration is also memorable to me and my 17 and 18's birthday are also one of my most memorable one <3

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