March 17, 2013


Hai hai! Today Im just relaxing all the day at my room because of DOMS everywhere T^T Yesterday I joined SCOLYMPIC hold by CIMSA UGM. It's kind of olympic for each division in CIMSA and every batch can join. We had lots of games and thanks Buddha this year SCOPE is one of the winner! *throw confetti* Why did I say we are "one of the winner"? Because we have 3 winners this year: SCORA, SCOPE, and SCORP with the same score. I didnt think it'll be this fun at first since we started at almost 8am and then it rained after we finished the first game. Kak Ayu (LEO CIMSA UGM) said it was a significant change for SCOPE because last year we only won a game and the rest was just so-so. I indeed enjoyed every moment and the effect has just appeared today: I cant even bent down and feel the pain everytime I wake up from my bed.


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