February 03, 2013

The happy feeling.

It's a day to homeeee! I know the only thing I do more often since Im at jogja is blogging. I used to talk a lot because so many things to be shared with my beloved ones and when I moved here, I know I'd be quieter than how I was. Blogging is one of my ways to express the things I want to said because you know that feeling when you share something to a person directly is far way nicer than using social network. Im super excited for tomorrow because of so many things. First, Im going to meet my family and friends really soon. Second, Chinese New Year is only a week ahead (yes, angpao!). Third, my cousin from HK is coming with his wife and mom! Fourth, dad told me to drive everyday and I'd have mastered it before I go back to jogja (at least the basic skill). Fifth, man you know medan is the heaven of foods! How can I not excited?!! *skip*

Yesterday I was having social programs with the incomings, tara and catherine. They're from Australia (to be spesific: melbourne) and both of them were so kind. We went to Ullen Sentalu, one of the best museums in jogja and of course it's my favorite. Telling us about javanese kingdom history, it's owned by a family (I forgot the name) and built at the mountain so you wont feel hot inside the museum even though it only had few aircons. We also took some silly pics, too bad I dont bring my camera.

left-right: cath-tara-me

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