February 14, 2013


Hello Im homeddddd! I've been here for exactly 10 days and I enjoy every single day of it. There's a slight thought of wanting to go back early to Jogja but the next second the thought directly blows away. Spending Chinese New Year with family is probably my best thing in this early year and Im grateful for it. I gather with my family, meet my besties, go to the tuition where I had most of the 3rd year shs spent at it with my tuition mates, buy 2 new shoes online, and the list goes on blablabla. I found that I was never be grateful for what I had and kept wanting more and more. After I moved to jogja and lived alone, I just realised that being at home and together with family were the best thing a person needed. Now I cherish every single moment of it. Eat most of home-cooked foods, spend my time talking to parents and my siblings, stay at home most of the time, and reread my novels to kill my boredom which appear sometimes. I feel really good to have people around me because I like to talk to others and I feel I've become more into introvert since I moved to jogja. I dont want that to happen (although I need to decrease my favor of talking to others because mom said I talked a lot). Anyway, happy chinese new year and happy valentine's day! xx

my new flatform from @shoecornerid. Super cute!

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