February 22, 2013

Book review: The Devil In Black Jeans (AliaZalea)

My longgggggg waiting moment has finally over. I got to read this book before its official release date which was 14 feb 2013. I didnt preorder it but some bookstores have sold it prior to that date. This book was aliaZalea's fifth book and many fans outside there have been excited even before it was released because she was in hiatus last year and didnt release any books.

The story is about the most handsome drummer in Indonesia, Jo Brawijaya, and his little sister's personal assistant, Dara. If you read her previous books, Jo Brawijaya is Revel's band drummer (Revelino Darby in Celebrity Wedding) and Dara is Adri and Nadia's bestfriend (Adriana Amandira in Miss Pesimis and Nadia in Crash Into You). His little sister, Blu Brawijaya, is a new rising star in Revel's company and Jo thinks she needs a personal assistant to help her doing her work. They do an open recruitment and finally chooses Dara after seeing Blu also likes her. Things start to be complicated when romance develops between them. Dara has a fiancee which she thinks is the most perfect for her. Jo tries to get closer to her and he feels she also has the same feeling but she doesnt want to admit. I highly recommend this book because I've read her previous books and it never failed to satisfy me. I had a high expectation towards this book since she has been in hiatus for more than a year while previously she always published 2 books in a year and it did satisfy me once again. Another reason why I love this book *spoiler alert* is because she always gives a happy ending in her story. I really hate story written with a sad ending (well, except for a book I knew). It made me feel just wasting my time reading that book. Five stars for this book!

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